Niall’s virtual diary archives – Thursday 16th August 2012

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Thursday 16th August 2012: 1.00am.

So, here's what a #Sandforce 1200 #SSD on SATA II looks like against a #Samsung 830 SSD also on SATA II (same PC, an old 2.67Ghz Core 2 Quad with dual channel PC2-6400 RAM). The 830 clearly slams hard into the 3Gbps max speed of SATA II - seeing as it can max out SATA III this is no surprise. The #SF-1200 has broken TRIM support so at that time of testing I hadn't figured out how to hack the registry to work around it, so write speed was a pathetic ~60Mb/sec, but it could get itself up to 120Mb/sec or so with TRIM working. However look at the access time - that real-time compression the Sandforce does increases read latency twofold and write latency fourfold. Anyway, glad to be rid of that faulty Sandforce rubbish. Windows 7 is more or less reinstalled ready for the videoconference tomorrow morning, so I can finally sleep!
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