Niall’s virtual diary archives – Wednesday 15th August 2012

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Wednesday 15th August 2012: 10.45am. Woke up this morning to drop Megan into work and my phone didn't have an IP. Hmm, I thought. Turns out the cloud node had hanged itself which is the first time that ever happened. Moreover, it appeared to refuse to boot. I worried to myself that the end was nigh and all that work of all these months was gone ...

Thankfully after returning from dropping Megan in on an extremely rainy morning, it does indeed boot - it just takes about five minutes to do so due to repeated network timeouts which I didn't know about as I never reboot (it access the net through a VM inside itself, but repeatedly times out before starting that VM). But it did still hang last night at just before 5am. Could have been the storm, though it's on a fully redundant UPS.

Anyway, now I have a ZFS pool with oodles of free space, this reminded me to get on with an automated backup solution. Proxmox will snapshot and backup VMs for you - including backing up the ZFS VM into itself while it's still running which is tres cool. That leaves backing up the host SSD. I guess a cron job doing a 'dd if=/dev/sda of=/mnt/IcyBoxZ/... bs=4096' is as good as any ... I dunno, I remember some 'mondo' tool for automated system backups on Linux. I'll go investigate now.

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