Niall’s virtual diary archives – Monday 13th August 2012

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Monday 13th August 2012: 4.50pm. Fairly nervewracking deliberately hosing your external USB drive containing all your stuff, but it's done now:

[root@freenas]/mnt/IcyBoxZ# zpool status -v
  pool: IcyBoxZ
 state: ONLINE
status: One or more devices is currently being resilvered.  The pool will
        continue to function, possibly in a degraded state.
action: Wait for the resilver to complete.
  scan: resilver in progress since Mon Aug 13 17:07:21 2012
        170G scanned out of 1.70T at 69.4M/s, 6h26m to go
        170G resilvered, 9.74% done

        NAME                                            STATE     READ WRITE CKSUM
        IcyBoxZ                                         ONLINE       0     0     0
          mirror-0                                      ONLINE       0     0     0
            gptid/6cb70442-e3e1-11e1-b794-020934a5fbce  ONLINE       0     0     0
            gptid/97632a3c-e55f-11e1-bd01-020934a5fbce  ONLINE       0     0     0  (resilvering)
          gptid/f1a12bff-e3e3-11e1-b794-020934a5fbce    ONLINE       0     0     0

errors: No known data errors

Good, that's another pre-Canada todo item ticked off. Getting close to ready to emigrate now :)

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