Niall’s virtual diary archives – Tuesday 31st July 2012

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Tuesday 31st July 2012: 11.24pm. Just got back results from my 2012 summer exams with the #IoE  for my PGCert in Educational and Social Research. Got 59% in Approaches to Educational Research (that's the exam I failed last year and so rote learned and regurgitated for in the resit, and because it's a resit it's capped to 59%. I shudder to think what my actual grade was), 87% in Quantitative Data Analysis and I remember I got somewhere between 50% and 59% in Writing and Presenting Educational Research. Even with the coursework (all between 50-59%) dragging it down, totting up the weighted grades yields an overall grade of about 66-68%. That's a Merit award (>=65%) amazingly enough. While I'm very glad I passed and all those thousands of pounds of my hard won money weren't down the drain, I'm even more glad to be away from that course. It certainly was a shocking eye opener into why our education system is as backward, mediocre and incapable of change as it is.

Anyway, good news is good news, so I won't complain! And besides, gotta get back to the final final manuscript of +Economists and the Powerful, needs to be submitted tonight! Time for a strong cup of tea!

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