Niall’s virtual diary archives – Thursday 26th July 2012

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Thursday 26th July 2012: 10.22am. New 65w laptop power brick arrived today - a Wei Xin Da Electronics device just £7 delivered to Ireland. I had been thinking it couldn't possibly be any good at that price, but given that the netbook is ancient and draws a max of 20w I figured it was worth the risk (one aims for less than 50% load with cheap PSUs). Anyway, it has about the right weight for its wattage and looks and feels of reasonable quality. Doesn't get warm during using use, nor does it whistle at any frequency I can hear. Might actually be okay ... if so, that's nuts for the price!

Snagged a #Blackberry #Playbook last night from the UK for £128. Now that's quite a bit more than I wanted to pay, but it's definitely legit second hand and not stolen as it comes with all its original stuff. I figured that was worth an extra £20 :)

Roll on my #BB10  sort of experience!

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