Niall’s virtual diary archives – Friday 29th June 2012

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Friday 29th June 2012: 12.34am.

Just finished +Mass Effect 3 with the new Extended Cut made to placate the many like me who thought the original was crap. Much improved! I particularly like that you can now tell the star child to go screw himself, though this Reject ending (Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut: Alternate Reject Ending ( Harbinger Destroyed )) would have been better :)

In short,  #ME3  is still the weakest of the trilogy due to EA's laziness: monotony of combat, buggy camera, inferior level design, lack of ME1 and ME2's sometimes stunning vistas and lack of any depth in conversations or interactions with your teammates. However at least now the endings are significantly different, and moreover mean something because they are explained. The new endings no longer ruin the whole series as the originals did, and in that +BioWare have done good. ME3 is now worth its purchase price.

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