Niall’s virtual diary archives – Sunday 3rd June 2012

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Sunday 3rd June 2012: 6.21pm. Link shared:

Beginning to really fucking hate my #PGCert with the #InstituteOfEducation  at the +University of London International Programmes. Thank god it's over and I'm finally free in seven days! I hate pure regurgitation at the best of times, but this course takes it to a whole new level - they want nothing but pure, unfiltered, unedited regurgitation and I am finding very, very hard to revise when from previous courses I not only know all of this material backwards, sideways, and then some but I have to write nothing but their uninsightful opinions and their not very good material all taken from - no prizes for guessing - no one except IoE staff. If they had any knowledge or concept or even tolerance that there is anything worthwhile outside the very limited ivory tower of educational research, it might be tolerable. They do not, so it is not tolerable.

It would also help if the people teaching the stats module understood stats, but they don't and moreover have no concept just how bad they are - the stats past papers are scary the level of ignorance of stats displayed in them. This course is a waste of my time, and I particularly hate having paid £3,200 for it, but chalk it down to experience. Just one more week, one more week ... then I'm free.

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