Niall’s virtual diary archives – Monday 30th June 2008

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Monday 30th June 2008: 6.51pm. Graduation was last week, the Leaving Ball last Friday and as of today, the last of my close friends departs for good with the exception of Johanna who will depart in August. In a soundbite, it's definitely finally all over. What a four years it has been ...

I spent about two weeks after the last entry releasing TnFOX which I try to do once a year as a minimum - this keeps it up to date and fixes any bugs which updated software components might introduce (especially on Linux). The subsequent week I added just 5,000 words to the book, but then much of that was research and crunching various maths. The entire of the last week went on graduation - I didn't even turn on the computer in five days because I was so busy going to various people's graduation dinners and meeting up with all sorts of friends I'm not going to see again for a long while. Even yesterday, I got up at 8.30am so go see off a friend despite having been awake with another friend till 4am Saturday night - so really it has only been this morning that I got a proper lie in and feel up to writing something. And the first thing then was replying to emails and ordering final degree letters etc. for Masters applications - these have taken up most of today.

I've also got through quite a few mini-projects so apart from my NAS box project (looks like I'll have to do my own custom ARM Linux build), I have a clear run for book writing next few months. And other than that, there is not a lot to report.

So it's a short entry then. I had thought I'd have plenty more to say, but to be honest, it's all water under the bridge now - what has happened is done & gone, what matters now is what comes next. Hey, I am released from my St. Andrews obligation! I feel free & relieved! Be happy!

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