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[Written Summer 2009] You might think that IPv6 enabling your home or work is really hard - after all, at the time of writing just 7% of internet websites have IPv6 connectivity despite that the mass switchover is surely imminent in the next few years. I was moving my own personal sites over to providing IPv6 recently and had the major problem of testing my for compliance because like with most people, my ISP doesn't provide an IPv6 facility and moreover, my ADSL modem like most ADSL modems doesn't directly support IPv6.
[Written Winter 2008] This is the second part of my experiences in setting up a low-end Virtual Private Server (VPS) - refer here for the first part. If you remember, so far I had set up a server running Lighttpd as its web server and a plethora of spam hardened backend services. I then reviewed the PHP based CMS solutions and found them all far too toy for serious usage.
[Written Summer 2009] This is the third part of my experiences in setting up a low-end server cluster - refer here for the first part on selecting a VPS and configuring it and refer here for the second part on squeezing the Plone Content Management System onto a ridiculously low end VPS. At the time of writing (Summer 2009), my 256Mb Xen based VPS has been successfully handling my email and providing two Plone based websites for eight months now - indeed, my two guides above have proved most popular with the internet readership.
[June 2009] Having recently been made redundant and facing a long spell of unemployment (and heavily backlogged welfare payments - some eighteen weeks in Cork now ), I recently needed to draft my own legal documents with which to start a company in Ireland because I couldn't afford the services of a solicitor (typically around €1000 a go) or a company formation firm (typically around €300 a go). To save anyone else the time and hassle of drawing together their own legal documents and duplicating my work, I place my documents here.
[Written Autumn 2008] It's taken longer than anyone originally imagined, but Virtual Private Servers (VPSs) are finally becoming affordable by the average person i.e. below US$100 a year. I recently bought one as an extension to nedprod, partially as the main server for the book Freeing Growth but also to give me full control over my spam processing as my hosting provider was getting sick & tired of me overloading his shared server.
The following is a list of addresses at a domain which spammers mass email. If you block the following addresses in Virtual Exim using the "Add Fail" feature, you will significantly cut down on your spam (this is copied from my own config) banks@something.
Here follow a variety of empirically determined power rules, also known as power laws, allometric rules or laws. I made this page because nowhere on the web seems to have a definitive list of all of them, and while this page doesn't contain them all either, it's better than anywhere else I know of.If you know of a power rule not on this list, email me at webmaster2 <at symbol> nedprod.
This page used to be entitled "Niall's theories on life" and well, it was so out of date. I mean, it had last been updated in January 1999 and when I looked at it now in May 2002 I often must admit I cringed. However, I maintain a policy of never going back to change former diary entries, irrespective of how much embarrassment they may cause to me in future times.

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