(Note that this page hasn't been updated for tornado II yet)

Screenshots of tornado

Well, this is a pretty old screenshot of tornado in action which looks altogether too similar to the newer one below!

Basic tornado screenshot

Alternatively, if you don't have a graphics browser or whatever, click here to download it.

This is a much newer version (did it last night - 16th Apr 96) of the above. My A3000 now has a hard drive (which it didn't when I did the screenshot above) which is why there's such a nice girl on the backdrop - it gets loaded in on bootup. Much better than Pinboard (and way faster update too!).

Another tornado screenshot

Alternatively, if you don't have a graphics browser or whatever, click here to download it.

You may wonder why it hasn't changed much. Well, in fact it has - a lot - the older screenshot used some very spaghetti code and was becoming rapidly unalterable to ensure it'd keep working. The newer screenshot it a complete recode and uses the tornado kernel's memory management routines which the prior screenshot didn't. Superfically it's little change - underneath it's weeks of work).

Oh, just before you all write to me asking for the JPEG of the girl above, don't bother - her name is Patricia Ford and there are LOADS of sites dedicated to her (try my links!). I think she's a total babe, although this photo of her is the best one of her I've ever seen - mind you, I have a few more that are just as good!

One minor problem though is that the latest picture's of her use too much make-up on her face. Damnation!

A few icons from tornado

(This really screws up on Netscape)

Here's a few icons that tornado uses:

As you can see, many of the icons have been tweaked from other programs or simply stolen. Apologies to anyone offended - if I have broken copyright then I will replace them with non-copyrighted icons. I would point out though that tornado's system icon pool is fully custimisable and replaceable, and these would only be the icons supplied (and even then that's assuming no one does anything better which is quite likely).

Data stream icons:
An example tornado title bar

The graphic above is a piece out of
a tornado title bar illustrating
what this window has in it and
what is happening to the contents

Clicking Menu on the data flow summary (ie; the thing in the title bar) produces a data flow chart indicating what happens before and after the data flow summary.

Data flow arrows can come off objects (converters, file views etc) or off another data flow arrow. If it comes off an object, then the data flow is off that object. If it comes off another arrow, then the data flow coming off is the copy of that flow ie; you can watch what's going down a data flow this way.

You can also twig with the data flow using a drop and drag method. If you wanted to watch a flow, you would drag the flow arrow to the tornado viewer (or much more likely, simply position the pointer over the flow arrow and double click). You can alter flows by creating new ones, inserting new processes (eg; dump all input to disc and pass on), running one flow off another or into another and so on. You can also create pending flows, making one flow wait until another flow is complete. Or you can set a time for a flow to become active, or define a macro to create a whole network of flows from one file etc.

This is the tornado everyone thinks is hyped!

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