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Here's a few links that are IMHO pretty good:

Rating system: * poor ** good *** excellent **** undescribable!

Acorn sites:

HENSA/micros Archimedes Section ***
This archive holds almost all of the Acorn PD and shareware programs on the internet. Pity it can't be accessed most of the day.
The Acorn Cybervillage ***
An excellent Acorn reference site.
rx: risc armageddon ***
A good start for what should become an excellent Acorn net magazine by John Wright. Support him in this by reading it regularly!
Justin Fletcher's web page ***
The web pages of an excellent Acorn programmer, Justin Fletcher. The guy is not only very talented, but he's also sound out and in my opinion would be one of the few young programmers around that will makes waves in the future.

Also, he keeps mentioning me in all the Readme files he writes (a lot since he never seems to stop writing), and since I rarely release code I think it's only just I stick him here too.
Advanced RISC Machines **
The only features of this site are news and data on the latest ARM chips and an incomplete but useful set of application notes on programming the ARM. They're a bit of out date when taken into a StrongArm and ARM8 perspective though.

Like the PowerPC site below, everything interesting is in Postscript or pdf format. Oh only for some effort into textualising them! This site is a poor show for a company that came from the bowels of Acorn which really should put a bit of work in turning all those postscript files into something a little more Acorn-friendly. I can understand Motorola putting everything into a non-readable format for Acorns, but I can't for ARM Ltd. There's simply no excuse.
Acorn User Main Home Page **
An improving web site for Acorn User, the most popular Acorn magazine. Still has a long way to go yet though.
ARMature Online **
One of the few Acorn BBS's to have a presence on the internet, this one is fully accessable via web pages. It's also the home of these pages.

Tornado-related links:

The IBM PowerPC Library ***
This is a very comprehensive library of information about the PowerPC chip and the standard. Pity they haven't made the information more accessible for programmers - while being very detailed hardware-wise, they provide too much for the software writer - what they need is something similar to ARM Ltd's ARM cookbook. All the crap about interfacing is too hardware-specific for programmer's who would normally look the stuff up when writing a low-level driver instead of keeping it in their heads.

Also, the complete lack of anything other than "industry-standard" file formats like Postscript and PDF means that the vast majority of the data is unreadable to Acorn users. ARM Ltd suffer from this too I hear. What the hell's wrong with plain text (or html) I don't know.
Simtec Hydra ARM Multiprocessor System API ***
This entreprenurial project should be supported. While limited heavily by the RiscPC inferior design, it provides a necessity for Acorn ARM-based machines not currently available. If I had a RPC, I'd have one of these boards in it.

General links:

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 ****
If you ever thought that you knew what "comprehensive" is, then this is the site to blow all expectations. It holds a very very complete suite of information about that most excellent SF series, Babylon 5.
CUSI ****
Probably the most comprehensive and easy to use front-end for almost every search engine on the internet and beyond. Well worth using, but not if you're outside the European hub I'd imagine.

Sex links:

(Due to the nature of these links they may well be outdated quite quickly. AFAIK they all still work - most of the time)
CyberBabes ****
This site features a demo section which is regularly updated with the best free sex sites on the internet.
Tom Davy's homepage ***
This site contains a 'nude page' with some very excellent pictures.
The NEW Top10 List! (Worth Waiting for!!!!) **
This site is a list of the top most beautiful women on the web, with links to their pages.
PFML Picture Gallery **
... and this site is one of those net women's, Patricia Ford. She's gorgeous. I have her permanently on my backdrop. Beautiful.

The only problem with this site is that, while very comprehensive (over 400 pictures of the girl), many of them aren't available, and worse - a lot are fakes. Also, the index JPEGs are too undetailed so you can't see if they are fake or not.
CyberGirls Link Page **
This site is regularly updated with the latest sex sites but unfortunately it's a user-add service which means a lot of sites get added with nothing on them at all (people just wanting loads of others to visit their site).

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