Welcome to the interactive XML CV for Niall Douglas. If your web browser is capable of AJAX driven XSLT transforms (currently only Firefox and Opera, IE8 has a long standing and well known bug in its AJAX XSLT interface and Google Chrome just doesn't work currently), you should see a copy of this person's CV which can be changed and filtered according to your criteria e.g. you can prioritise one kind of NACE sector over another and see more detail for those. Or you can simply choose a profile from the profile drop down list. If your browser isn't working in the box below, firstly try simply viewing the XML directly via a non-AJAX XSLT transform which works fine on all current browsers (Firefox, Opera, IE8 and Google Chrome are all fine) though remember it may take some time to load as the non-AJAX method causes your browser to load in several megabytes of XML schema data. If all else fails, you can see a preprocessed output here though note that it will probably be out of date. Note that the labels on the graph rely on CSS3 rotated text and may not display correctly on all browsers (Firefox, Chrome and IE8 are okay). Printing support varies: IE makes an attempt to observe page break hints, Opera gets it right thanks to proper CSS support whereas all other browsers currently fail.

All output is marked up with hResume microformatting so other stuff can read it. If you'd like a CV like this one, feel free to make use of any of the resources here - the XML schema supplied is very self-describing and needs no further documentation. At some future point we'll add transformations into Europass XML format (the EU standard) and the upcoming HR-XML v3.0 XML format (the HR industry standard). Why didn't we simply use one of these formats to begin with rather than developing our own? Simple: firstly the existing Europass and HR-XML schemas don't provide the metadata we needed to enable filtering and sorting like below and hence we couldn't have one set of XML data describe everything and let the XSLT customise it; secondly both of these standard formats are in heavy flux right now and aren't stable, so we designed our own schema which would readily convert into any other instead.


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