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These pages are the semi-official home pages of Tornado, the alternative GUI that is easy to use and write for.

These pages are also mirrored at my uni, Trinity College Dublin, although for the moment they are only accessible internally - want to try anyway?.

If it's any use to anyone, these pages use HTML+ codes and bits and pieces of HTML 3. If you find you can't read or see something for some reason, let me know and I'll put it back to its original HTML equivalent. If it's any consolation, everything works okay on Webster v0.13 (08-Jan-96).

BTW, a goes anywhere where something has changed since the last update, so you'll know where things have changed. I hope this helps to those who have criticised me for having too few graphics!

Update 29th November 1996:
I said last update that this would be the last update for a while and worse, the last update to tornado for a while.

Interestingly, this hasn't happened quite like that.

Instead, tornado has undergone a complete restructure to (a) make it in C and (b) to make it portable between host GUI's.

Exciting eh? You can read of this update here as I haven't got round to updating the whole site to reflect this new direction yet.

This is funky cool weird stuff - and could be potentially more ground-breaking than the original concept could ever be ...

Watch this space!

I'd be very grateful that (here's some bad HTML!)...

If you have a web page, please add a link to this page!

The reason for this is that I've been getting only people whom I specifically tell to visit this page visiting it. Ie; no one knows it exists. I need your help to rectify this! Help!

Finally, due to loads of PC people mainly emailing about where to get a progressive JPEG viewer (you already have one built into Netscape or the MS equivalent!), I've removed the progressive JPEGs entirely. Tough.

So what can you do here? Well, here's a list:
I'd just like to thank Karl Davis for providing the rather expansive space to put these pages here.
Finally, as it seems to be customary on Acorn web pages, here's a list of software I used to produce these pages: Thanks for reading! Good luck!
1996, 1997 Niall Douglas (Last updated: 1st January 1997)