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Tuesday 13th September 2016: 11.10am. Link shared: Finished writing the talk description of my CppCon workshop next week:"This is the third and likely final part of a "from first principles" series of beginner's workshops based on developing the v2 post-peer-review rewrite of proposed Boost.AFIO, a C++ library wrapping the advanced features of the filesystem intended for eventual ISO C++ standardisation. If you're the kind of library developer who likes building unusual low level concurrent algorithms using the very latest C++ 14-17 (proposed) features and testing them for time and space complexities, this is definitely your kind of talk.
Wednesday 7th September 2016: 7.27am. Link shared: Ten days exactly to go before I depart for CppCon 2016 in Seattle! I am very glad to report that the code I am presenting (link to talk is below) finally passed the last of its unit tests yesterday, so it is finally debugged and I have some performance benchmarks. As expected, this new filesystem locking algorithm is a full order of magnitude (10x-20x) faster than anything else in AFIO v2 that was presented at ACCU 2016 last April.

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