[programs/Win32/StickyFront2/docs/common_head.htm] Welcome to the StickyFront v2.0 manual! StickyFront is a utility which enhances and modifies the Win32 user interface to make it quicker and easier to use. The alterations include:

StickyFront has been hand-crafted in C++ directly using the Win32 API for speed and size - the executable is only 24Kb and the patch DLL is only 12Kb! The code is additionally exceptionally robust with excellent error handling, assuring you that if anything does go wrong during the patching process that all errors will be handled gracefully.

The freeware demonstration version is fully featured except that it times out after two hours of usage.

Please examine the list of help items in the navigation bar on the left hand side for what you want.

Or else you may wish to visit the StickyFront2 homepage on the internet which contains latest release information and bug-fixes