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Things have changed considerably with the metamorphisation of tornado into tornado II, a portable subsystem. You can read more about this here.

Alpha and beta copies of the RISC-OS tornado II support module should be available by now. Look for datestamps after the 13th December 1996. The latest version on the 1st of January 1997 was v0.12.

I would remind you now that there are many advantages to getting tornado from the fidonet. Read more about it here.
The latest copy of tornado on the internet is held at hensa, but this is unavailable to the domain for much of the day, so the tornado below points to an always-available mirror of that site at Imperial College London.

When you click on the tornado, you will be put into a directory listing. Download the file which has the latest datestamp (ie; the one after the date above). Note that the file you download will be complete and functional in itself, but may not include documentation present in prior releases.

Also, I would warn you that just because this page has changed doesn't mean that the copy on the internet has been updated yet. In fact, it does not mean this at all!!! So if you can't find any file after the datestamp above, then it hasn't appeared on the internet yet. The only copy to be guaranteed to be new when this page is updated is the fidonet one, more about which can be found here

Ok, to get to this directory with tornado in it, click on the tornado below:

Click here to go to the directory with the latest copy of tornado in it


1996, 1997 Niall Douglas (Last updated: 1st January 1997)