This is some text passed to the browser without saying it's HTML. You can do <> " & @ all okay This is now HTML, and this is in the header This is the title Title has been set, finishing header This is the start of the body.

Here is a test of a few HTML extensions. If your browser mucks any of these up, get a new one!

These are text tags:

a - set an anchor, href and name. You can jump to a named anchor (the word name back there) by hrefing it with #(the anchor name) or appending it to a url.

address - set text for

address of writer
Note that it forces a line break before and after so there's no need for p or br

base - unknown - uses href

blockquote - set text for quoting, the text is not preformatted.

Hello Niall, My name is Niall. Goodbye.

I have paragraphed - your browser should still have this text indented. blockquote is used to quote lengthy sections of text from something like a book, but not computer listings - that uses pre

b - physical - set bold

body - is a netscape thing - uses background="url" (bg tiling graphic), bgcolor="#rrggbb", text="#rrggbb", link="#rrggbb" (sets link colour), alink (dunno), vlink="#rrggbb" (visited link col)

br - break text - uses clear (all, left, right). This forces a line break with no extra space between lines. This is handy for addresses:
Niall Douglas,
The world
Break with all
Break with left
Break with right
That's all folks!

center - turn on centre

This is centred

cite - logical - set text for titles of things - Lurker's guide

dl,dt,dd,/dt - definition lists - dl to start, dt to name the item being defined, dd to list the definition. dd must follow dt. The dt and dd entries can contain multiple paragraphs seperated by p

A definition list
A definition list lists a number of defined terms and their definitions.
A html tag list
This very list!

def - logical - sets text for a definition (typicially italics) - Acorns are nice

em - logical - set text emphasised (usually bold) - Acorns are nice

h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 - set text for heading, uses align (center, right, left)

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

hr - horizontal rule, uses align (center, right), noshade, size, width (in % or pixels)

A standard rule
with align=center
with align=right
with noshade
with size=10 align=center
with width=10 size=50 align=center

img - show image - uses alt=(for nongraphic browsers), align (bottom, left, middle, right, top), border, height, hspace, ismap, src, width, height, vspace
This is the alternativeAn image, standard







border=1 width=200 height=150

border=1 hspace=50 vspace=50

i - physical - set italics - italics

isindex - specifies that the document is a database that can be searched using the browsers search key/button - uses prompt

listing - example computer listing - archaic

10REM Hello 20FOR N%=1 TO 10 30PRINT "Hello World!" 40NEXT

menu - present an interactive menu

Lead in:
  • First item
  • Second item
  • meta - dunno - uses http-equiv, refresh, content

    ol,li,/ol - ordered lists - ol type can be specified, li number can be specified, start number can be specified

      A lead in (standard type):
    1. Option 1
    2. Option 2
    3. Option 3
      A lead in (start=5):
    1. Option 1
    2. Option 2
    3. Option 3
    4. Option 4
      A lead in (type=a)
    1. Option 1
    2. Option 2
      A lead in (type=i)
    1. Option 1
    2. Option 2

    p - start paragraph - uses align (center, left, right)

    This is a centred paragraph

    This is against the right

    This is a standard new paragraph

    This should be first-line indented

    pre - preformatted text - uses width - text must be already formatted

    is here
       this is formatted
    this is a very long line which goes on and on about nothing really at all but I'm not at all sure if this will format correctly???
                 The width is set to 20, but that is optional. It will be the size of the window otherwise

    quote - small quoted bits - The dog ran quick

    samp - small sample bits - This is a sample

    strike - this is striked

    u - underline

    tt - physical - set text to typewriter - typewriter

    title - set title of document

    ul,li,/ul - do an unordered list - ul(lead in), li before each option, /ul to close the list:

    var - dunno - variable

    Forms tags not here at present

    Table tags:

    caption - uses align (bottom, top)

    table - uses align (center, left, right), border (= size), width = num (pixels or %)

    td - normal cell - align (center, left, right), colspan, rowspan

    th - heading cell - align (center, left, right), colspan, rowspan

    tr - table row - align (center, left, right)

    This is an example table:

    This is a caption
    Heading 1heading 2heading 3
    This table has colspan=2 I don't know exactly how they format themselves though
    No more table!