Conditions of writing tornado

There are a number of conditions associated with writing sections (extension modules) of tornado:
  1. Legally, the copyright for any code you write remains with you, but the ideas you employ to write it (ie; mine) remain mine.
  2. You must surrender a copy of the code to me if you wish it to become part of the tornado operating system and be included as part of the main distribution archive. I may choose not to accept your copy, and I may not choose your copy as the default copy used by tornado either.
  3. Alternatively, if you wish, you may market your module seperately from tornado. Bear in mind though that you may well be in a worse position when upgrades to protocols are implemented.
  4. Responsibility for maintaining and supporting extension modules remains with the writer
  5. You must remember the following things when writing your code:
  6. Always keep within the specified boundaries specified by the design of the module. Do not extend protocols, do not modify them, do not replace them. Doing so may cause future incompatibilities, inconsistant modules, splintering or worst of all - my wrath!

Writing sections of the kernel or shell

There are a number of conditions attached to writing code for the sections of tornado whose sources are not in the public domain:
  1. The copyright will remain with the author but he/she will no longer support, manage or have any direct involvement with their work.
  2. By submitting code to me, authors agree to allow me to integrate that code into the tornado sources. They may withdraw this agreement should they feel like it at any time.
  3. You will gain a distinguished place in the tornado kernel's developer's list.
Finally, I would ask you that when writing your code, bear in mind that it could possibly be used for the next ten years or so - ie; make it something you will be proud of.
© 1996 Niall Douglas (Last updated: 24th May 1996)