To uninstall StickyFront2, go to Start Menu->Settings->Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs. In there you will see an entry for StickyFront2. Click on it and ask for removal.

<techie> StickyFront2 uses MoveFileEx() to have the files deleted on reboot (as an executable cannot delete itself whilst running). This call is not supported on some versions of Windows 95. If the call fails, Flow will ask you to delete the files manually </techie>

StickyFront2 has been written to not mind itself being moved around. Just move the files to their new location and the next time you run StickyFront2 it will update the registry automatically.

Obviously this means that if you have more than one copy of StickyFront2 installed, the uninstaller will only know of how to uninstall the most recently executed copy. To avoid this, avoid having multiple copies or simply delete all copies of StickyFront2 and reinstall.