The current version of Basic2C is v1.00. If you have an earlier version than this, please choose one of the following versions:
  • Update to b2c
    Fixes this bug and the other bug
  • Update to !b2cIDE
    Adds some functionality
  • Full release of version x.xx

Update versions do not supersede each other ie; you must download each and install to bring your copy of Basic2C up to the latest version. Full release versions are a complete copy of what is on your distribution disc.

You may be interested in builds of Basic2C for other platforms:

  • Win32 (x86) build, suitable for any machine capable of running Win32 (only 486 or higher). You must have the Microsoft run-time libraries installed on your machine (most do - if you are viewing this from an ActiveX capable browser). If you require the run-time libraries, click here to install them.

There are no other builds available as yet.