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    This is only the fourth time I have updated this in ten years, so bear in mind anything written here can be substantially out of date. I last updated this in August 2008.

Well, there's not much to say about me. My name is Niall Douglas, I am thirty years old and I currently live in Cork in Ireland. Since I was fifteen, I have lived in Germany, United Kingdom, Holland, Canada and most recently in Spain where I worked for two years on EuroFighters. Rather interestingly, my bloodlines (genealogy) can be found here in "The Royal And Noble Families of Britain" though I am very, very distant from anyone important. You can also find my family on Wikipedia here.

I am a software engineer by trade, having graduated from Hull University in the UK in 2000 with a degree in Software Engineering having dropped out of Trinity College Dublin in 1997. Needless to say, quite a lot of my interest falls in that area and I am a computer programmer of some capability - you can see that from the programming areas in this site on the left. Despite this, I recognise that the long-term trend of outsourcing to the East does not look good for computer programmers and hence in 2008 I graduated from St. Andrews University, Scotland having read a Joint Honours in Economics & Management (two professions more secure in the West). I am just about to start a Masters in Business Information Systems at University College Cork which unites Computers, Economics & Management under one roof.

I originally started my "online virtual diary" long before the term "blog" came into being - over ten years ago now I was doing something which is considered commonplace today, but at that time was considered eccentric. Like a blog, I write about various topics but unlike a blog, most of it isn't particularly interesting to anyone other than me - essentially it's an outlet for whatever I feel like writing about myself or what I'm thinking. What that may be, varies considerably. It can range from heavyweight topics such as philosophy, geopolitics, psychology, quantum mechanics and politics to what I had for breakfast. There is a good percentage though exclusively about women troubles, mainly because I have no idea how to form a stable secure and lasting relationship and every time I get involved with a woman, it goes horribly horribly wrong and I sink into year long depressions. Yes, this is not always a fruity and happy diary! However, it occasionally contains something useful to others - and I am currently in the process of putting my accumulated life wisdom together into a book called Freeing Growth.

My diary, throughout the last ten years, has swung from bad times to good, sad times to happy, intellectual times to well, pretty humdrum & boring ones. Like most people a year or two after graduation, life becomes routine & boring and so it has been recently. Mostly though, I look at the diary as the method most of the people I have met around the world throughout the years use to check up on how I am, what I'm up to and so send me a reproachful email when I'm being excessive . But whether I know you or not, everyone's welcome to read!

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