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16th March 2005

Web hosting woes

Wednesday 16th March 2005: 6.55pm. This is the FIRST time in all the years of this diary's operation that I haven't made an entry in a whole month, and furthermore it's the first time has been down for more than an hour ever too so February 2005 is a historic one! has been down now for nearly five weeks due to issues between me and my former web hosting provider, and my thanks to those emailing me out of concern (I got email working through a long time ago)! Anyway, it's taken this long to get that sorted and a new web hosting service contracted with whom there were some problems issuing my account details - so finally, at long long last this entry marks returning to life!

There isn't much more to say other than I started going out with a new girl different than all the previous ones mentioned, and five weeks in or so it's going very well. In fact, that makes it about roughly since the last entry below that things were ticking between us. Anyway, I've known her since September as a friend and then things kinda happened between us and here we all are! She's called Johanna, and she's very nice, and no no photos so don't bother emailing to ask!

Ok, I go now to upload the site and getting it working. Hope you're all well, twas great to hear from some of you, and be happy!

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