Proposed UK Copyright Law Damages Human Rights

by Niall Douglas in association with NamesFacesPlaces


This is the third of a series of articles about threats to our industry - not just to the IT contracting industry, but to any part of IT which is indigenous to Europe and most specifically the United Kingdom, which is in my opinion the most vulnerable of the IT industries within the EU.

This article along with others in this series explores the consequences of the draft UK implementation of the European Copyright Directive (2001/29/EC) if the draft were to pass into law as-is. The UK Patent Office is accepting commentary from the public until October 31st 2002 - though it is better if your MP makes the comment instead of you. We shall warn you that the UK Patent Office has a history of ignoring any comments not to its liking, so be prepared that we may have to fight for amendments to the bill in the Commons sometime in Spring 2003.

Other effects

While this series is primarily about the direct effects on the IT industry, it would be remiss of us not to at least mention the additional effects on our culture and society. After all, we are people before we are IT professionals and what affects everyone also affects us.

There are some worrying and wide-ranging consequences for this proposed change in law. To be fair, some of them appear to be the result of this being a draft law and I would guess they will probably be remedied before the final draft is issued to the Commons. However, just to be safe, I shall outline these here:

Niall Douglas
26th September 2002