"Lucy" - A Wharram Pahi 26

Built by Dr. Francis Douglas in Cork, Ireland


Price: 4000 inc. trailer


I built "Lucy", named after my daughter, over a period of four years from 1988 to 1992. It took me almost two thousand hours. The boat is built of best quality marine plywood and Douglas Fir. The boat is glued together with epoxy resin (WEST) and is covered all over with fibreglass cloth before being painted. The boat is on a galvanised trailer with four wheels on road springs but without brakes. The boat has no sails, no mast, no engine, no equipment. The total cost when I built her was approximately 7000 pounds sterling ten years ago.

She is 26 feet long (8m) 14 feet 3 inches wide when assembled. In each hull, there is a space 16 feet long. Each hull is three feet eleven inches wide at its widest point. Each hull has Wharram's hatches which fold up in four sections from completely open to completely shut. The boat is designed to have a tent over the deck which would provide a living space of 14 feet by 8 feet. The boat was designed by Wharram to be rigged as a Bermudan cutter.

The boat sails extremely well though for the last eight years she has been stored undercover at the back of the house. She remained well protected from the elements by an extended carport. This vessel is being sold at a reasonable price because my children have grown up and my future lies in single handed sailing in a more spacious and comfortable craft. She is well and patiently constructed with the love and attention only a boating enthusiast can bring to a job. It is my dearest wish that "Lucy" should go to someone who will appreciate her.

"Lucy" currently lies in Cork, Republic of Ireland.

If you have any other questions or require further information, please contact fdouglas <at> education <dot> ucc <dot> ie.

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